Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell favors letting states go bankrupt so they can discharge pension and other debts.

He makes no mention of wiping out federal pensions that members or staffers receive in the Senate, House, Cabinet, federal judges, or federal employees.

Of course not! McConnell and his bipartisan Senate know that our federal taxes come in and feed the federal government beast no matter what.

He doesn’t worry about federal pensions or federal paychecks because the federal retirees and employees sit atop the tax food chain. No worries for federal pensioners. You are good to go as you sit atop the tax food chain. Let’s see, Senator, you and your fellow lawmakers have racked up enough federal debt that each American owes toughly $63,000 to get rid of that debt these fiscal hawks have piled up. So, a family of four owes about one quarter of a million dollars to wipe out that debt. Nice job!

When was the last time you heard of a layoff in the House and Senate?  We had the 9-11 attacks and then the Great Recession and how much did the Senate or House shrink their budgets?

Naturally, federal budgets were frozen in some agencies during the Great Recession but we don’t hear of those yet. They just turned the U.S dollar into Monopoly money. So, he’s going after the states?

McConnell knows the larger states are ones with greater pension obligations. Let’s see New York, California, and Illinois to name a few. Who controls those states? Democrats!

McConnell just sent me another request for campaign funds. I get them about three times per week. I just deleted that request and don’t think he’ll get another from me or my family. Maybe he should reach out to George Soros. He is a major donor.

While I agree that states should exercise fiscal restraint, giving them an option to declare bankruptcy with the goal of wiping out pensions for retired police officers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and other government workers demonstrates a side of McConnell we had not seen.

Mitch McConnell has been busy getting federal judges appointed the last three years. Many of those federal judges came from courts across America. State and county bench officers (judges) have state pensions, too.

McConnell currently hasn’t got the votes to allow states to declare bankruptcy. He won’t have them. I don’t think you can find 60 Senators that think it’s OK to wipe out pensions for teachers, clerks, maintenance workers, social workers, engineers, accountants, and former governors serving in his Senate — along with others retired from honorable government service.

Americans should reach out to McConnell and let him know how you feel about his idea to let states declare bankruptcy so they can walk away from paying pensions that those retirees helped pay for. Reach Mitch at 202-224-2541.

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