Military banners recognize, honor hometown veterans, active-duty military personnel

Military Banners Emerge in City of Indio

Indio Military Banner Program

INDIO — Military banners honoring hometown veterans and active-duty military personnel are flying high in this community bearing the names and photos of local heroes.

So far, about 10 banners are displayed, Councilmember Glenn Miller told Uken Report.

The military banner program is designed “to honor our veterans and quite a few of us,” Miller said.

The honoree must be a Veteran or active-duty member of the United States Armed Forces. The honoree or applicant must be an Indio resident. This program is free.

The program is the result of a collaborative effort of city staff and the City Council, Councilmember Waymond Fermon said.

“I’m super excited to see these banners go up in our downtown area,” Fermon told Uken Report.  “And I’m even more so proud and honored and thankful for our men and women in the military, some are active, for the service of our country and stepping forward for service. I think sometimes we go about our day and our daily routines, and we sometimes inadvertently forget that this wouldn’t be possible without the sacrifices of our service members. So, I’m super excited that we got this done.”

The concept of the banners has been out for a while, Fermon said.

“Multiple cities utilize this concept of honoring their troops,” Fermon said. “However, we were waiting for the perfect location and time to get this done. I think this is the perfect time. We believe it’s perfect for the downtown area where people could congregate and actually be educated on who are the service members, past and present, from our city and our surrounding community. It’s just an honor for our city to be able to honor our service members in this capacity.”

Banners will be located throughout the city of Indio. They will be installed periodically throughout the year and will be displayed for a period of one year.

You may learn more about the program by clicking on the link.

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