PALM SPRINGS – Candidates in the Nov. 5 City Council election are using a convertible, a campaign coach, and good old-fashioned shoe leather to participate in the 1-mile Pride Parade that rolls down Palm Canyon Drive just two days for Election Day.

The Pride Parade, which will be the largest in parade history with 257 entries, will provide candidates an opportunity to see and be seen, pose for selfies, and press the flesh before residents cast their ballots.

Candidates who have chosen to participate will have the eyes and ears of a captive audience. Ron deHarte, President of Palm Springs Pride, told Uken Report, he expects the crowd of spectators to exceed 65,000.

This year’s Pride Parade theme is Millions of Moments of Pride.

Palm Springs Mayor Pro Tem Geoff Kors, who is running for the District 3 seat, will be walking the Pride Parade route, also known as the Rainbow Mile.

“(I) look forward to interacting with our residents and visitors,” Kors told Uken Report. “It is always such a wonderful time!”

Kors, who is reportedly near the front of the parade, will be flanked on the route by Desert Stonewall Democrats. Kors is providing signs and T-shirts if participants want them.

One of Kors’ competitors, Alan P. “Alfie” Pettit will be using his campaign coach to navigate the route. It’s not clear if he is riding in the coach, driving the coach, or if he will be atop the coach – and he’s not sharing details.

Pettit, a drag queen performer, told Uken Report, “I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise.”

In stark contrast, Michael Dilger, also a candidate in District 3, said, “I will walk and wave in the parade and do it alone.”

Peter J. Maietta, one of three candidates for the District 2 seat, said he will be in a convertible with signage.

“Some of my team will either be in the car with me and/or walking beside it,” Maietta said.

Les Young, one of four candidates in District 1, will be riding in a vehicle with his husband by his side, Young told Uken Report.

In addition to local politicians, expect other political figures or their supporters to make an appearance.

“Traditionally we do not publish parade participants so we are not in a position to let you know who is participating,” deHarte said. “Palm Springs Pride is a nonprofit organization and does not take positions on candidates.”

The candidates mentioned in this story are those who responded to a question from Uken Report.

Palm Springs for Pete Buttigieg has an entry in the Pride Parade. Organizers of the entry estimate that as many as 200 people could be part of this particular contingent.

The Pride Parade steps off at 10 a.m. on Nov. 3.


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