Riverside County passed 10,000 confirmed coronavirus cases on Thursday, June 11, prompting Riverside County health officials to urge residents to remember the importance of continuing safe health practices as the

“The 10,000-case figure is a stark reminder that coronavirus is still active in the community and we need to continue the health practices that previously helped us flatten the curve,” Kim Saruwatari, director of Riverside University Health System-Public Health, said in a statement.

Health officials have long urged residents to wear face coverings whenever they leave the home and maintain social distancing in public areas. Frequent hand washing is also an important way to slow the spread of coronavirus.

As Riverside County expands the economy and opens areas for more public interaction, health officials said they expected an increase in cases. It is not known what trends will hold for the novel virus during the summer, however, many viruses do slow during the summer months.

“We forecasted sporadic outbreaks through the summer, and those forecasts so far are coming true,” said Dr. Cameron Kaiser, Riverside County health officerhttps://www.rivcoph.org/County-Health-Officer. “It’s time to think about what the fall will bring, and those initial estimates aren’t good. If we’re not observing social distancing and facial coverings, two things that helped before and are helping now, we’re going to lose the progress we’ve made.”

Residents of all ages are encouraged to get tested, with or without symptoms, to identify where the disease is currently present in the community and where it is not. Testing continues to be an integral focus as more residents visit more businesses.

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