Two new parks and events commissioners ratified in Cathedral City

CATHEDRAL CITY — The nominations of Antonio Baciu and Angel Herrera to serve on the Parks and Community Events Commission were ratified when the City Council met Wednesday, Feb. 23.

The City Council ratified the nomination of Angel Herrera to serve on the Parks and Community Events Commission to fill an unexpired term continuing through June 30 and ratified the nomination of Antonio Baciu and appoint him to fill the unexpired term continuing through June 30, 2024.

Mayor Pro Tem Mark Carnevale nominated Herrera and Councilmember Raymond Gregory nominated Baciu.

Herrera and Baciu are scheduled to be sworn in at 5 p.m. on March 7 before the Parks and Community Events Commission meeting.

Other members of the Commission are Richard Martinez, Stephen Vericker and Erin Hyland.

New Parks and Events Commissioners on Deck

Angel Herrera

Herrera has been a resident of Cathedral City for 18 months, according to his application.

“As a young child I was taught the importance of giving back to your community,” Herrera writes. “As early as 12 years old I used to volunteer my time with various community outreaches. I am thankful for the support my community gave me as I was growing up and I try to ‘pay it forward’ as often as I can. I grew up in an era where the parks and play areas in my community were vital to my up bringing. As an adult and a parent, I value the parks that allowed my children to play sports such as basketball, kick ball, and soccer.”

Baciu has lived in Cathedral City for the past 15-years and is a go-to person when volunteers are needed for community events.

New Parks and Events Commissioners on Deck

Antonio Baciu

“About two years ago, I had an idea that the new city Amphitheater would be an ideal spot to host a community yoga class, like they do at Sunnylands,” Baciu writes in his application. “I made a formal proposal to the Parks and Community Events commission, and it was accepted and budgeted, not only last year but (also) this year. I tirelessly marketed the Yoga at the Amphitheater program last year to great success. This year we have added an additional Gentle Yoga class with the hope for even greater success, all for the residents of the Cathedral City community. I have greatly appreciated the unanimous support of all of the current City Council members for the Yoga at the Amphitheater program. I have tried to become the face of the Yoga program, not only by tirelessly marketing the program but also by selecting the top yoga teachers in the valley to conduct the classes. I show up for every class to make sure all of the logistics are working properly and to meet and greet every class participant, hand out yoga mats and blocks and troubleshoot any glitches.”

He has made appearances as the Easter Bunny at the city’s Easter event. He has also volunteered for the Balloon Fest, Jalisco, Christmas, LGBT Days and many others.

“Those in charge know that they can rely on me for both support and enthusiasm,” Baciu wrote in his nomination application.

The Parks and Community Events Commission assesses the recreational services and facilities of the community. It makes recommendations to the City Council on such matters as implementation of the Parks Master Plan, parks facilities and usage, funding and sponsorship solicitation, recreational programming, special events and cooperative partnerships with other agencies, businesses and organizations to leverage resources.

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