Free Yoga Classes to be Offered in Cathedral City

CATHEDRAL CITY — The ever-popular free yoga classes are returning to the picturesque Cathedral City Community Amphitheater every Tuesday morning beginning Jan. 23 through March 26.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone with Free Yoga Classes

Antonio Baciu

“I am so excited to start our third season, doing yoga outdoors is special and I’m glad the city is able to provide these classes, it also showcases our wonderful amphitheater that does events from yoga to concerts. If you have never tried yoga, come to the Gentle Yoga with Nicole Cuhney at 8:30, it’s in the beginner to medium range, we will provide you with a mat and a block,” Antonio Baciu, Vice Chair, Parks and Community Events Commission, told Uken Report. “If you are in the medium to advance level come to Power Yoga with Patti Wexler at 10 a.m. It’s a great workout. We have a 10-week program this year, our teachers are amazing, come check us out.”

The have attracted the experienced as well as novices who have become devotees. Steve Michel has become a regular attendee.

Uken Report (UR): When did you first start taking yoga classes?

Steve Michel: I began taking yoga classes in 2022. That was the first year it was being offered through Cathedral City Parks & Community Events.

UR: Where?

Steve Michel: Yoga classes were and are still held at the beautiful Cathedral City Community Amphitheater.

UR: Why?

Steve Michel: I began taking yoga to try something different. I have always been physically active but never tried yoga before. My friend Antonio Baciu, Parks & Community Events Commissioner, encouraged me to try yoga. He had been practicing yoga for a number of years. I know that he and Commissioner Gary Marshall, who is my neighbor, paved the way for the yoga class to occur.

UR: Were you nervous?

Steve Michel: Since I had never done yoga before, I was nervous at the start.

UR: Why?

Steve Michel: Yoga was something very new to me. I had watched others do it and the various poses seemed difficult. I did not want to look like I didn’t know what I was doing. I was not sure that I could do the stretching and poses that I saw others do.

UR: What made you so nervous?

Steve Michel: I was 60 when I began yoga. I wondered how my body would react to something so foreign to me. I was accustomed to gym type activity — weights, cardio machines, swimming, and years of jogging, so stretching, breathing, meditating & posing/posturing??? Hmmm… I did not want to look silly in a group of people who knew what they were doing.

UR: What finally got you to go?

Steve Michel: The first class I took was a Power Yoga class. Even though it took me a few weeks to learn the yoga poses, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Power yoga is fast paced and somewhat intense, so it was the type of exercise I was used to.  There were many other beginners in that class. The instructor, Patti Wexler, is great. She emphasizes adapting different poses to our body’s capabilities and moving at our own pace. Since then, I have taken different yoga classes, including Gentle Yoga — also at the Cathedral City Amphitheater with Nicole Cuhney. It’s slower paced than Power Yoga but still a great workout, for the body & mind. I also attend a weekly yoga class at Sunnylands/Annenberg Estate. Practicing yoga outside is an added bonus. The camaraderie of being with 100-200 others on a large grassy area is also an incredible feeling.

UR: How has it helped you, if it has?

Steve Michel: Yoga has helped me in a number of ways. It has helped me to relax, gain flexibility, and assist with balance issues. I have had some minor health issues which affected my balance and spatial perception. Yoga has certainly helped with that! It introduced me to a new activity and new people!

UR: How many times a week do you take lessons now or practice yoga?

Steve Michel: I practice yoga twice a week. I am still physically active on other days too.

UR: What would you say to anyone on the fence about taking these classes or is reluctant?

Steve Michel: To anyone who is on the fence about taking a yoga class, I say the following: Step out of your box and try something new. You may enjoy it. It can only benefit you!

Gentle Yoga will take place at 8:30-9:30 a.m. and Power Yoga at 10:00-11:00 a.m. every Tuesday morning starting next Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2024. Classes will run through March 26, 2024.


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